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Prime Destination Demolished

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Sixteen year old Callie Woodland and many Starters stood outside the body bank and watched the wrecking crew demolish the mirrored building in Beverly Hills, Prime Destination. Some people in the crowd, working-class Enders- guards and salespeople- didn't even know what the building was or its purpose. There were some wealthy seniors, mostly ex-renters, and a few rich claimed minors. Also, there were unclaimed Starters, some ex-donors like Callie and her friend Michael, and some just eager to watch the show of the wrecking ball.

Callie said, "The Old Man [the evil mastermind behind all of Prime] got away, but my team [including, Lauren, Callie and her little brother Tyler's new legal guardian, Lauren's attorney, Senator Bohn, Rhiannon, and Redmond] is doing everything we can to find the Old Man before he tries to continue his plan, whatever that plan may be. All we know so far is that he plans to do something that is more involved than the body bank." The Old Man is still free and he is a mastermind at not being found.

Thanks to Callie and her team, Prime Destination is finished for good.

In Memory of Helena Winterhill

Helena Winterhill, an Ender that had been on a mission to find her granddaughter Emma. Emma had gone to Prime Destination and hasn't been found, as if she had disappeared. For years Helena had been looking for Emma and digging around for some information on where she had gone and what Prime did to her. This wasn't the fist missing grandchild. Callie Woodland was Helena's donor and she, not meaning to, put Callie in grave danger. The shut down of Prime was the result to Helena getting Callie involved in her granddaughters investigation. Helena was murdered inside Prime Destination and the murderer is still unknown but Callie has her suspicions. Helena put Callie in her will, giving her a new home and money and food because she knew she would be putting Callie in danger. Rest in peace Helena.


Losing Hope

DEAR ABBY: I am an Ender, Lauren, and my grandson, Kevin, has been missing like many other grandparents' grandchildren. Like many other grandparents, I've been searching for years. My dear friend and I have saved many Starters from Prime Destination recently but I did not friend my grandson. Every grandchild who has gone missing was involved in Prime Destination. I just want to know, should I give up looking?


DEAR LAUREN: I might not be in your position and I might not know anyone who is but I do know that giving up should never be an option. Don't loose hope. Don't give up. Stay positive and keep yourself around friends who can support you. I hope someday you and all the other grandparents find their grandchildren.