Read 5317 Project

by Tyler Harrison

Maus by A. Spiegelman

It is a great way to teach the Holocaust from a comic book. You can compare and contrast with textbooks what really happened and didn't happen. I was taught with this book and most of the time when people talk about books from the Holocaust I always think about this one. It is very engaging to students because it's different.

Top 10 worst wicked rulers you wouldn't want to know! by F. Macdonald

"History has been filled with brutal rulers, and the worst of them are brought together in this book. Readers discover the ruthless exploits of men and women who would do anything to obtain and keep power. The vain King Henry VIII and the mad Roman emperor Nero are highlighted in this volume. Readers discover some of the most bloodthirsty and cruel tyrants to ever exist. Stories of these evil rulers are accompanied by astounding facts about their times in power. Detailed cartoon illustrations add a vibrant touch of humor to these historical tales. "

Salariya, D. (2012). Wicked Rulers. Retrieved October 15, 2015, from

Isaac Newton by K. Krull

This book explores the life of one of the greatest scientists. With pictures and information about what Isaac Newton contributed to science it makes for a great read for older students.