Earth Day by Niv Hadar

Earth Day in Israel and Abroad

Earth Day 2011(abroad)

  • In 2011 the following countries in America were involved: USA,Brazil,Haiti and Mexico.

    The Activities were:

  • They helped raising awareness to the environment.

  • They planted trees and raised money. They planted a tree for every $1 that was donated.

  • Olympic and professional athletes took part in a competition.

  • Artists took part in a t-shirt design contest. Every shirt sold supported the cause.

  • They downloaded hundreds of free Earth Day-themed songs.

Earth Day in Israel

Since 2008 Israel joined the celebrations of Earth day. Every year more and more people were interested and exposed to the subject and therefore the number of people who participated grew. The peak was on April 22nd 2012, when nearly thirty cities across the country, from Haifa to Eilat took action. Even IEC (חברת החשמל) reported a significant saving in consumption that evening. EPA (המשרד לאיכות הסביבה) organized a ceremony on 22 April at the Ariel Sharon Park to mark "Earth Day". During the ceremony, awards were distributed to the governmental agencies and environmental organizations, businesses and citizens who have taken action.

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Important Facts

Teen Kids News- Earth Day 2012
  • A movement of great importance began on April 22nd 1970. Until then, people were not aware of pollution and environmental issues. Then, an oil spill that happened in Santa Barbara California (USA) in 1969 gave a US senator (called Nelson) an idea to raise awareness to the environment and have a national teaching day.

Kids can do many things to preserve the environment and make a difference:

1. Use energy efficiently

2. Recycle

3. Turn off the water while brushing our teeth

4. Turn down temperature on our heaters

5. Our parents can save paper by paying bills on-line.