Rome City Elementary

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Night!

We are excited to have our new kindergarten students meet the teacher and other staff during our Kindergarten Meet the Teacher information night. We are encouraging families to only have 2 adults with your kindergartener. No other siblings are allowed. Children may bring in their supplies this night.

Please consider wearing face masks.

Kindergarten Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, Aug. 4th, 6-8pm

400 Jefferson Street

Rome City, IN

This is not an open house. We want families to participate during this whole time, so our kindergarten students feel comfortable about coming to school on their own the first day. Please arrive slightly prior to 6:00. Please enter at door 1.

We are encouraging everyone to wear face masks.

Agenda for the Evening

  • · Please have your children bring all school supplies this evening, so they do not have to worry about carrying so much on the first day of school.
  • · Children and parents will meet teachers and other staff.
  • · Transportation badges will be given.
  • · Other questions and supports will be available to help prepare the children for the first day of kindergarten.