Ciara Fowler

I live with my mother, step father, and two younger brothers.I have two older sister who have both graduated from Huntsville High School, and i have one lovely 2 year old nephew.
My favorite memories would DEFINITELY be my sophomore summer and getting to go to Nashville,TN with some of my fellow FCCLA members . I went to Nashville and competed in Nationals for FCCLA. I competed in an event for early childhood occupational, and i actually got gold.

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My favorite animal would be dogs. I am just in love with big dogs, even though i had little yorkies for 3 years.My favorite dog would definitely be chocolate labs at the moment. Thats my little puppy Jax.
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My favorite hobby would be going to Gibbs and getting volunteer hours working with the kids and Mr. Archuletta. I have 140+ hours working with kids ages 5 and under.I also like volunteering at Rita B Huff when i have the spare time.