10 Best Assignments

Jordyn W

The "Maliciousness" Song

This assignment's purpose was to tell the word maliciousness' definition, synonyms, and antonyms, preferably in a creative way. The assignment was one of my best because of its pure silliness and interesting presentation, along with some death metal vibes and accurate content.


Klondike Gold Rush Visual Representation

The purpose of this assignment was to explain the Klondike Gold Rush in an easy, identifiable manner that covered most to all subjects. The presentation was thorough and made from scratch, including some fun subjects, but still covering all requirements.


Frederick Douglass Narravtive Poem

The assignment's purpose was to create a poem involving Frederick Douglass' childhood and first experience with slavery. The poem had enticing figurative language and expressed the tragedy of Douglass' childhood.

Not knowing his mother or birth,

His father questioned as well.

Mother making long trips to see him,

Only to be thought of as a stranger at death.

Sheltered for so long,

Only to be scarred by the sight of the whip’s gnashing, sharp teeth.

His first master was cruel, cold, and callous,

As humane as a starving lion.

Family beaten before his very eyes.

Aunts pestered and whipped,

Brothers beaten for being slow.

Life was never easy,

Always on his feet working.

Mr. Plummer’s mercilessness,

Captain Anthony’s iron heart,

Forever in his dreams.


Pronoun Poem

The assignment's purpose was to give clues to what an object was, without giving away the name. The teacher thought it was difficult and had excellent figurative language.

It stands, looking over all the land,

Nothing more than a decoration,

Its usefulness is taken for granted,

Intricate designs curl down its neck,

Graceful beauty, carved into it from the ages,

Its face is forlorn and wise from experience,

Insides, churning and swinging, filled with turmoil,

Its hands never stop, continually moving and going,

And every once in awhile, it sings its mournful song,

Ending as swiftly as it started.


Word Art

This is a word turned/incorporated into a picture. The word was able to be defined almost upon the spot.


Dialogue Assignment

The assignment was to put together some dialogue that may have happened in the story "Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry. The dialogue was not only well-written, but interesting and believable.

A young woman ran into a shop, only filled with a shopper and a the shopkeeper.

“Elise, oh Elise, have you heard the news?!” A female voice called.

Elise turned to voice, “What is it Charlotte?”

“You won’t believe it!” Charlotte said exasperatedly, “Mr. Dorset’s boy is missing!” Elise nearly dropped her purse.

“What!?” She exclaimed.

“What’s this all ‘bout?” The shopkeeper asked, stopping from his task of restocking.

“Oh, Mr. Derick, little Johnny Dorset’s missing!” Charlotte said, distressed.

Mr. Derick grunted, “That boy never did me good. Stole three bottles of pop for him and his friends. It’s for the better if you ask me.”

“Henry!” Elise said shocked. “How dare you say such a thing!”

“Well it’s true!” Mr. Derick said with a ‘humph’. He turned around and continued restocking.

“Well I’ll-!” Elise said, before being cut off by Charlotte.

“Don’t let him trouble you Elise. He can as uptight and uncaring as he wants. Let’s go tell Mrs. Sannery the news,” Charlotte said calmly, putting her hand on Elise’s shoulder.

Elise sighed, ”You’re right. Let’s go.”


Theme Essay: "The Necklace" and "The Spider and The Fly"

The assignment was to compare the themes from two stories, "The Spider and The Fly" by Mary Howitt and "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. The essay was well detailed and had some interesting hooks.


Parody Poem

This assignment was a parody of the poem "Coming of the Cold" by Theodore Roethke. The parody was to be about an actual cold. I incorporated a lot of the original parts of the poem and it conveyed the purpose in many ways.

My ribs are dry like leaves and dust,

The beak of sickness has picked at my throat,

The cough bears its thorn, and drought

comes and leaves my nose.

The sickness’ wreckage lies in me,

My stomach is feeling rotted now.

Shade is wanted yet lean, my head

jerks painfully at the touch of sound,

Eyes no longer able to stand the light,

My skin sheened with sweat and heat,

Tongue drying even with the quench of water,

The ravaging not yet done.

All aspects of the cold meet and intertwine.

My legs strain to unbound of heat,

The windows grow dark, the illness grows,

My body was not prepared for the cold.


“Struggles of African Americans During the Civil Rights Era” Research Paper

The assignment was supposed to convey the struggles African Americans went through before the Civil Rights Movement. The assignment had more than the required amount of sources and was thorough & well-written.