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Week of April 11th

GTES and Summative Conferences

Final observations have been completed for the majority of folk. We still have a few exceptions. We will meet with everyone for summative conferences prior to April 15. All evaluations ( both certified and classified) will be completed by April 22nd. You will meet with your grade level AP for your summative conference. They will send out a link for you to sign up.

GMAS Testing

We will have our GMAS testing meeting on Tuesday, April 12 during our monthly faculty meeting. Everyone is required to attend. We are excited about the opportunity for students to show what they know on the Georgia Milestones Test. We are going to Nesbitize the GMAS.

GMAS Schedule

ELA - Section 1 & 2 - Monday, 4/18/2016

ELA- Section 3 - Tuesday, 4/19/2016

Math - Section 1 & 2 - Thursday, 4/21/2016

Science Section 1 & 2 - Monday, 4/25/2016

Social Studies - Section 1 & 2 - Wednesday, 4/27/2016

Rolling Makeups - 4/18 - 4/28/2016 and Final Makeups - 4/29/2016

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Career Day

Thank you to our wonderful Counselors (Dunkers, Garcia, and Mayfield) and Awesome AP(Ms. Hollingsworth) for planning an outstanding Career Day. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful decorations, customer service, and support that you provided for career day. You make me proud to work at Nesbit :) You NESBITIZED!!!!

Summer Professional Development

There are many opportunities to attend professional development this summer. I will send out the list via e-mail and attach a copy on our Nesbit eClass training page. Take time to invest in yourself. I plan to attend the Teaching and Learning Conference and stop by Math Insitute this summer:) What professional development are you committed to this summer?

Friendly Reminders

  • Student Transitions - Please be reminded that students should not be transitioning by themselves on the outside of our building. Example: A student walking by themselves from the playground to the 4th-grade hall outside through the parking lot is a safety concern. We need to make sure that students are transitioning through our locked building when they are not with a teacher.
  • Staff Attendance - As we are entering testing season please be mindful of your absences during this time. Students perform better when you are here at school. Personal days should be requested 5 days prior. Staff attendance is at 94% ( YEAH)! Continue doing a great job of being here for our kids:) Substitutes are scarce this time of year. Please support your colleagues by being here...........If too many people are out ( Monday and Friday's) we may have to split classes.

This Isn't What I Signed Up For... By Jacki Sellmansberger

I have been a teacher for over 30 years in one way or another – parenting, teaching at church, teaching exercise classes, teaching groups in my own home, and educating hundreds of children from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Teaching has been my life!

If you have never seen the movie, “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” please put that on your to-do list over spring break. I was moved to tears, as I watched this story of a man who gave his life to teaching children. It was such a clear picture of what we give ourselves to as educators of the children we teach every day. Every day, we as educators fulfill a myriad of roles! And the longer we are in this career, we realize, I didn’t know this was part of my job description! Was this really what I signed up for?

As I watched this movie again recently, I was reminded of why I have continued to give my heart and soul to this career: it is my passion! I believe in what I am doing! Someday – hopefully in the very distant future – as I breathe my last breath, I want to know that my life counted for something, because I invested it in the lives of others! Not just the young children I work with, but the opportunities abound to encourage my peers, as well! I hope you will see this movie and that it will be a refreshing reminder of why you get out of bed every morning and do what you do!

Regardless of what your spring break plans are, make time for yourself somewhere in the next 10 days!

Dates to Remember

Monday, April 11
  • 3:15-4:30 - Grade Level Team Leader Meeting

Tuesday, April 12

  • 3:15- GMAS Testing Meeting/Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, April 13

  • GMAS updates during planning 3rd, 4th, 5th grades in the professional development room, K, 1, 2, - Technology NIT session in the professional development room
Thursday, April 14
  • Grade Level Planning meet with Grade Level AP during planning

Friday, April 15

  • GMAS Pep Rally - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in the large gym - 1:00-2:30

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