Kindergarten Teacher

Career Cluster: Education and Training

Mrs. Tucker

Personal Strengths

I have many strengths, but the reason I wanted to do this career is because

  • I love kids
  • I like knowing I am making a difference
  • I can learn new stuff every and any day

Also I am great at

  • Speaking out loud
  • I have fluency of ideas{I have lots of ideas}
  • I am good a instructing kids
  • I am amazing at finding new and good friends

Work Environment

It would be a lot of fun but maybe a little stressful to get the kids lessoning

I will work in a classroom

I will stay in one place i will not travel

I will work with smart kids and some technology

I will work Monday - Friday also maybe work to grade paper on the weekend

Education & Training

I would need a Bachelors degree that is only 4 years of collage

Some important skills are math ,writing ,reading ,social study ,science


In the U.S I would make: 78,170

In the GA I would make :72,390

I would be paid an annual salary

I will not be paid hourly

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Job Outlook

In 2022 there will be 90% jobs available

There will be no room for a promotion

I am still interest to do this job

People Who Inspired Me

  1. Mrs. Stanton
  2. Mrs. Symmes