Red belly black snake

pseudechis porphyriacu by:Richard C. and Jamil


Red belly black snakes are a reptile. Reptiles have scaly skin. They lay their eggs on dry land. Red belly black snakes are cold blooded animals.
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Red belly black snakes gobble up all the brown snakes or chase them away. Red belly black snakes slide around.
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Look like

They have a red belly and a yellow nose. The red belly black snake has a black back.
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They live in eastern Australia and near creeks.


They eat frogs, tadpoles, lizards, fishes, eels, birds, rats and mice.
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What type of animal

Red belly black snakes are carnivores.
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Interesting facts

This is one of eastern Australia best snakes. Snake are a special elapid snake native to eastern Australia. They spit poison out of their mouth.
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