Maze Runner

By: Jake Heckenbach

Book Summary

Thomas wakes up in a metal elevator remembering nothing but his name. He reaches an enclosed area the boys there call the Glad he makes friends and enemies immediately. They were sent there to solve the maze and Thomas has a feeling that he was meant to solve it. So they try to solve it and all the sudden a girl comes up in the elevator and everything changes, Thomas becomes leader of the runners after he saved Alby from the grievers, he goes through a changing and remembers stuff about the maze. He solves the maze but chuck takes a knife for Thomas. And they find out that the real world is worse than the glad and people take them away.

major themes and arguments

  • I related to Chuck because he was the closest kid to my age and i can be talkative and annoying like him.
  • I disliked Gally because he back stabbed Thomas and ended up killing Chuck.
  • Thomas reminded me of Charlie from the last thing i remember because they are both brave, scared, curious, and lost.

Main Characters

Themes: Bravery, friendship, and death.

how characters change as the work progresses

  • Bravery: Even though Thomas was scared he went into the maze and saved Alby.
  • Friendship: He grew friendlier with Chuck, Newt, and Minho.
  • Death: People died like, Chuck, Ben, and Alby.
  • The Eleventh Plague, because its also a post apocalyptic book.
  • "If you ain't scared you ain't human." because its true.