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5ive For Friday

1. Merry and Bright: I wish you the best this Holiday Season. This has been a great year so far and I couldn't be more excited to call Hosp my 2nd home. We truly have the best teachers and staff in all of FISD. From my family to yours I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and safe travels. The coming year promises to be the best one yet at Hosp Elementary. We continue to enroll and save a thought for Tim Peternana and wish him good health as we anticipate a number of students to enroll on January 4th!

2. Who is inspiring me: Jamie Foxx. This Terrel, Texas native is a man of many talents. Actor, writer, singer, comedian, producer, humanitarian. This man has the best outlook on life and is one that takes the time to learn from others and apply them to his life. His words of wisdom to people are: "Don't judge", "Travel and try to understand different cultures and their history", "Don't let the past determine how you interact with people today". Wise man.

3. Who I am reading: Derek Sivers book called "Anything You Want". More to come on this book and this incredible man who once served as a Circus Ringmaster, played guitar for a Japanese pop star, and splits his time between New Zealand and London, founded CD Baby sold it for $22 million and simply signed over the check to a charity because he doesn't care about money. Let that sink in for a second. $22 Million and he didn't want it. Curious about the Japanese pop star? Just wait until you hear about this guy!

4. Who is going above and beyond: Lone Star Football. These fine young men beat Lake Dallas in the 3rd OT in what some people say was the best football game ever played. They play this Saturday for the State Championship. Go Rangers!

5. Something to ponder: "If you are not happy you can make yourself become happy simply by making other people happy. So if you are down, lift up another person and in return you will be lifted up. This is my simple rule to being happy." - Derek Sivers

Count your blessings: This family is a friend of a friend. I had only met them once about a year ago. However this story while heart breaking needs to be shared on how quickly life can change: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Wylie-Student-Injured-Community-Rallies-to-Help-353227361.html

Quick Lou Update

Many of you know my son, Louis. He is a 4th grader in McKinney ISD. He has struggled over the years in school and last year he started making positive strides. I noticed the strides matched up from the time we started doing Tae Kwon Do. Master Vasquez, below, is one of the main reasons behind his success. He is no nonsense, we are here to work, and the only option is success. He also happens to be a former Olympian. He preaches respect, honor, and hard work.

He had has second belt test on Wednesday night. This was a much more intense test and it was 90 minutes long. A huge variety of movement sequences, a verbal test, and he had to break a board with a kick. Now this is not a solid piece of oak here but it still requires some force to get the job done. I'm proud to say he is now wearing orange.

My Movie

Relate it to Hosp

All of this relates to Hosp. All of the lessons the people I've listed above look at life through a different lens. All of them didn't settle and showed grit. How are we teaching our students to do the same? How will we take our students (like Louis) who lacked confidence and struggle to focused and motivated?

Never settle.

Have a nice well deserved break!

Merry Christmas.