Read this is important

by Cameron Wilson

Just listen

Do not judge a book or anything by its's cover.

Hear me out

Someone that looks different can be a lot like you.Do me a favor be kind be nice be a friend!

Help the world!

You can change the world if you're kind or helpful whatever you do changes the world.Do you want to be known for being mean you can but that will make the world a worse place?

A act of kindness

Names will not be displayed.Two cops went to arrest shoplifters.Before they left in their defence with the shop lifters the parents said "we have no money and we stole shoes for are kids".The cops purchased shoes for the kids.They did need to but they did but still arrested the parents. Before you get mad at the cops it's their job.It's a real story my uncle is the cop.
A simple act can help a lot.
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