Welcome to Japan

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Where in the World

Japan is surrounded by water. Japan is an island country of the continent of Asia. It has volcanos. About 127 million people live in Japan! Most of them live near the coasts. If you went to Japan you would see lots of Japanese faces everywhere. The capital city is Tokyo.

Off to Work

In the cities people work at all kinds of jobs. Some people work in stores or bakerys. Others work in offices, hotels and hospitals.

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Things to Do and See

You would see mountains in Japan. There are lots of pink trees called cherry blossoms. There are monkeys. The cities have shops and restaurants.
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The People

About 127 million people live in Japan. Families eat together at dinner. They eats lots of noodles and rice. Most people live near the coasts of the big islands.You would see mostly Japanese faces around you.
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Intresting Facts