Pinkington is resourceful, we're not forceful. ;D

Benefits of Living in Pinkington!

We are on the coast, so we have plenty of water sources. We have enough land for you to come settle here, we even have enough for you to bring your family and friends. Pinkington has many skillful workers, such as blacksmiths, carenters, doctors and nurses, and farmers. We will provide your children with a very hgh education, for we have many educators and schools. On top of all that, the citizens of Pinkington are very good people.

Pinkington Colony

Pinkington Colony

We are near the forest and along the coast of Corpus Christi Bay. We have plenty of land that goes on for miles and miles. The price of our land is $0.24 in acres.

The Laws

The law ou will need to follow here at pinkington are listed below:

1. No littering

2.No animal or human abuse

3. Good citizenship

4. You have to have atleast one person in your family that can work

5. You have to be either Christian or Catholic