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Astrology and liquid crystal healing

What's on offer

Liquid crystals - as 21 day course of drops, or added to your skin creams, or as room sprays

If you want to take the crystals as drops the prices are –

  • Trinity is $25 (set of three tailor made 10ml crystals taken for 21 days...the first crystal opens what's needed for the healing action of the second crystal, culminating in the outcome energy of the third crystal.
  • 10ml tailor made liquid crystal $10 (you might want an additional energy to complement a trinity, or to concentrate on taking just one crystal at a time. For example, you might like to take your name's shadow crystal if you're game).

  • A 20ml seven crystal combination $15 (eg. Deep Sleep, De Stress, Energise, Meditate, Study, Protection, Shaman or Balance, Align and Clear). BTW, De Stress works brilliantly, as does Protection as it blocks your fearful thoughts, and is also great for flying or when in scratchy environments.

  • Up to three crystals can be added to your skin creams at $5 per crystal. Eg. Rose Quartz for wrinkles and age spots, Selenite for anti-ageing, Sulphur for physical radiance, Apophyllite for DNA/RNA healing, Fluorite as a skin conditioner, Pink Tourmaline as a skin tonic.

  • Room or space sprays ($20 for a 500ml spray bottle) made to your wishes (eg joy and laughter for gatherings is great, or sprays for clearing energy, sweet dreams or focus...there are no limits to the concoctions) with the purely natural aromatherapies of Perth’s own Soul Fire added.

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