Techie Tuesday

February 2016

Google, Google, Everywhere!

This edition of Techie Tuesday focuses on Google updates, tricks and tips! Included is information on how to set up a simple Google Timer, how to use add-ons (including Google Choice Eliminator) and how to convert those Word docs to Google docs automatically when you upload them. Questions? See Michelle or Sue in the Learning Commons for additional information or training.

Converting Documents to Google Docs Format

In the new Google Drive there is no longer the option to have Google Drive ask you if you want to convert your Office documents to Google Docs. This option is now on or off. By default, when you drag or upload an Office document to Google Drive the Office document will not convert. It will remain as an Office document. Part of the reason for this is that the new Google Drive allows you to edit Office documents and leave them as Office files. The editing however is limited and you lose collaboration capabilities and automatic saving.

Follow the steps below to automatically convert all of your Office documents to Google Docs:

Please note that this will cause all of your Office uploads to automatically convert to Google Docs. If you do not want this to happen you will need to go back to the settings cog and uncheck the checkbox before you upload a file.