Getting Men Involved

The Best Way to Ensure Permanent Equality

What is the Problem?

A major problem for gender equality efforts all over the world is that many men believe that they are superior to women, when in fact, we are all just human. Many cultures around the world set men in control of women, and grant women little rights. This is very common in Middle Eastern cultures. Even in more developed countries, women are payed less yearly than men do due to a superiority complex. This is common in Europe and North America. By every country in the world having gender equality issues, it is a major problem and a noticeable impediment in development of individual countries and the world itself.

How Can We Fix This?

An important step in fixing gender equality issues is getting men everywhere on board. Gender equality will always be a myth unless men are willing to understand that women are equal to them. This can be done by creating workshops everywhere for men to be educated on the fact that women are just as capable as men in the workforce, deserve to be educated, can hold high power positions, and much more. Additionally, men and women need to be encouraged to communicate with each other over many topics so they can realize they are the same mentally. Finally, men need to be encouraged to have a more active role in the household, including helping with cleaning, cooking, and childcare, to eliminate gender inequality.

Get Involved!

The most important step to gender equality is getting males and females alike on board to end the developmental roadblock. Workshops and governmental programs will be a big help in getting over this prejudice, but ending gender inequality will be highly effected by each individual getting involved and encouraging their peers to do the same. Hopefully once this is done, we will be much closer to a truly equal world.