Waipawa School

Term 1, Week 4 - February 23 2022


Kia ora koutou

On Monday night we had our first Board meeting of the year. The Board* meet twice a term and it is their job to govern the school. Waipawa has a super positive board. As a staff, we feel hugely supported by the school board. One of my jobs is to keep the Board well informed and I do this through sharing a number of documents prior to a meeting. The meeting is then used to discuss and make decisions when necessary. The Board do not concern themselves with the day to day running of the school and they keep their eye on the big picture stuff associated with a school. We are very fortunate to have a board that is there for all the children in the school and are committed to providing staff with the conditions in which they can do their best job. Our board have their heads and hearts in the right place!

The Board: Chrissy Malcolm (Presiding Member - formerly known as Chairperson), Annabel Kittow, Shane Kingston, Pip McCaslin, Hayden Martin, John Davidson (Staff Rep). A photo will be supplied after the next meeting!

* Board of Trustees is not the term used now - The group is referred to as 'The Board'

School Value - Hākinakina


“We are fit and active”

Mauri tū, Mauri ora - An active soul is a healthy soul

  • I opt in, participate and have fun

  • I give everything a go to the best of my ability

  • I want to be fit and healthy

  • I am a team player and play fairly

  • I encourage others to do their best

Above are our big ideas associated with this school value. Each class uses one of these big ideas and focusses on what it looks like when it's been done really well. For example - what are the visible actions we see, hear and feel when someone is encouraging others? Classes will focus on this value, for the next two weeks and bring it to life in their learning spaces. They will discuss, model, role play, capture great examples, coach them and celebrate. All in the aim of helping all of us become better people and every class and our school a better place to be.

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Learning Conferences in Week 6

Learning Conferences with Teacher, Whanau and Student are being held in two weeks time on Wednesday 9th March and Thursday 10th March. These conferences will run from 3:15pm to 7:15pm on both days.
Sue is about to start the scheduling so if you have a specific day/time you want please let Sue know as soon as possible.

The purpose of these meetings is for teachers to connect with Whanau and learn more about your child. We will have had 6 weeks in class so by that stage teachers will have seen many positive actions and may also have a few questions about things they aren't so sure about. These are so important and we really hope everyone can make it in during these 2 days.

Money owed to school

A reminder to parents that have purchased uniforms and have been sent an account. These accounts are due for payment immediately please.

Swimming Sports

Next week we will be running two separate swimming sports.
A swimming sports for our year 5/6 children on Tuesday and a swimming sports for our Year 7/8 children on Thursday. Both swimming sports will begin at 11:30am. Unfortunately due to the current RED setting under COVID (and that it's not on school grounds) no spectators will be allowed. We do however require some volunteer help with timing of races. Volunteers need to be vaccinated. If you are keen to help please let Sue know in the office.

We want all children to 'opt in' and participate in swimming sports. We have a mixture of events to suit all abilities and children are strongly encouraged to enter 3 events. This year we will not be taking non-swimmers to the pool. They will stay at school and be placed in a different class.

COVID - Update

Covid Q & A

We are entering a phase now where Covid is on the rise in our wider community. We have included a Q & A for you which is accurate at the time of writing.

Who do we advise if our child tests positive for Covid 19

Please contact the school office on 06 8578761or email Paul on pjamieson@waipawa.school.nz

My child has tested positive for Covid 19. What does this mean?

Your child will need to self isolate and your whānau members will be designated as close contacts. This involves:

- Your child will need to self isolate for 10 days.

- If at school, we will need to determine close contacts and notify wider families.

- If at home, your whānau will be close contacts and will need to self isolate as per the guidelines.

- Support for testing and care will be provided by Regional Public Health.

My child is a close contact. What does this mean?

This means your child is a close contact of a positive case.

- Your child must self-isolate for seven days from the date they had contact with the case.

- Testing must happen on Day 5.

- Your child can stop isolating and return to school after a Day 5 negative test and once 7 days

have passed.

A member of your household is a close contact. How does this affect my child?

Your child is classed as a casual contact, so they can attend school as they have no direct contact with the positive case. If the household member tests positive, your child becomes a close contact and must self isolate.

What will the school do if there is a positive case?

We follow a response plan that is guided by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

This involves:

- seeking confirmation of the positive case and time frames around the infectious period.

- if this is a school day we will establish contact tracing.

- we will advise classes that are close contacts via email.

- if this occurs during the day, whanau will be asked to collect their child as soon as possible.

- the rest of the school will be advised of the case and will be classed as casual contacts.

Welcome to our EIT Candidate Teachers

This week we welcome our EIT Candidate Teachers Breanna McRae (Room 8), Lovey Karena (Room 2), Neila Finlayson (Room 5) and Simon Pepper (Room 12), as they begin their 5-week placement with us. After they complete this placement they will then be in our school for 2 days a week for the rest of the year.


We have appointed Yvette Spindler as our After School Sports Coordinator. Yvette will begin this role next week.

Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge information is now available online. The Hawke's Bay event is to be held on 2 June 2022.


Kia Ora Waipawa Whānau,

Room 1 tamariki mā have been making Yummy lemon ice blocks, as well as learning about the liquid to solid phase transition or freezing. They have also been learning about the science in playdough. When dry and liquid ingredients are combined the proteins in the flour stick together to form a soft dough.

Most importantly they are having FUN! Tamariki mā tino ataahua!

STARTING SCHOOL : 4 Year Old Mornings

- These take place in Kākano Class - the Hall from 8:40am until 12:00pm every Friday morning unless there has been prior notification. Please come to the office first and meet Sue England.

- We find 4 visits before starting school is usually sufficient. However, if your child requires more we would be in close communication with you.

- Whanau are welcome to stay for the first visit and leave when the child / parent feels comfortable. Subsequent visits we ask that parents be brave and leave so that the child experiences what school is like.

- Please pack a snack for brainfood (fruit, sandwich, muesli bar) and something for morning tea.

- Children can wear mufti clothing or school uniform if they have it available.

Please don't hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Jess Stewart and Karena Finch

Hungry Students

We have a limited supply of extra food and sandwiches to give students who are hungry after swimming. If you could please pack some extra food for your children in lunchboxes it would be appreciated. Perhaps an extra sandwich or piece of fruit.

Calendar Events

  • Year 5/6 Swimming Sports - Tuesday 1st March
  • Year 7/8 Swimming Sports - Thursday 3rd March
  • PHN Visiting Yr 7/8 re immunisations - Thursday 3rd March
  • Teacher / Whanau Meetings - Wednesday 9th March
  • Teacher / Whanau Meetings - Thursday 10th March
  • TEACHER ONLY DAY - Friday 11th March
  • FISH & CHIP FRIDAY 18th March - Rms: Kakano, 1,2,3,4,5,6&7
  • Yr 7/8 Immunisations - Friday 25th March
  • FISH & CHIP FRIDAY 25th March - Rms: 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • LAST DAY OF TERM - Thursday 14th April

Waipawa School Term Dates 2022

Term 1: Wednesday 2nd February to Thursday 14th April

Public Holidays: Waitangi Day: 7th February, Good Friday 15th April

Term 2: Monday 2nd May to Friday 8th July

Public Holidays: Queen's Birthday 6th June, Matariki 24th June

Term 3: Monday 25th July to Friday 30th September

Term 4: Monday 17th October to Thursday 16th December
Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 21st October, Labour Day 24th October

Teacher Only Days:
Term 1: Friday 11 March
Term 3: Friday 26 August
Term 4: Friday 18 November


Congratulations to past students Brodie Cudby-Page and Charlie Mavin who have been selected as 2022 House Captains at CHB College this year. Well done.
Congratulations to Mia-Grace Power who was selected for the Hawkes Bay under 13A Basketball Team. Mia is heading to Tauranga in April for the Mel Young Tournament.


This week we wish Happy Birthday to:

Thomas G, Aryian, Rydah, Declan, Amelia Mac, Charlie Stehfest & Piper. Please come to the office on Friday at lunchtime to receive your Birthday Juicy.


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Community update - 2022 Swim-a-Thon Postponement:

Unfortunately we have made the call to postpone the planned Swim-a-Thon in March due to the uncertainty of what might happen with Omicron in the community over the next few months.

We appreciate the amazing support that we have had over the 6 years we have held the event and we will look at holding it later in the year if the situation allows. If we are unable to hold it later this year then we will be planning for it again in 2023.

The $36,000 raised over the 6 events so far has allowed us to support CHB Primary Schools with swimming lessons, as well as Deep Water Survival lessons, which has been fantastic. It has been a great honour to do that, and made possible because of the amazing support we have received from the many participants, volunteers and the business community. The CHB Swim 4 Lives group will be looking to explore alternative funding options in hopes of continuing its work to support CHB schools despite this set-back for 2022.

Once again thank you and keep safe - For your own and others well-being in the community.

Jo Ward

Chair, CHB Swim 4 Lives Group

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