Why the Seasons?!?

By: Andrea Kowalski

The true "Why" story of a bear and how the seasons came to be!

A long time ago, a bear named Bear and a little mouse named Mat, who happened to be his handyman, lived in a boring world without neither humans nor plants. Bear loved drawing what he saw in his mind. He often dreamed of adding changing colors and excitement to the world. He wanted his imagination to be reality rather than the dull grayness of his current life.

Since Bear lived in a big cave, he started all new paintings on a white rock wall. His first painting was the best, because the berries he used for paint were in blossom, and Mat had picked a variety of colors. His paintbrush touched lime green, blue and a touch of purple before it hit the rock. Bear's arm went everywhere, making flowers of purple, a sky of bright blue and green vegetation growing everywhere. "I will call this Spring," quoted Bear. After Bear was done, he went to bed for a few weeks. Bear picked up his paintbrush as soon as he awoke. Mat brought Bear his pallet full of yellow, baby blue and tan paints, since he had already used fresh, cool colors for Spring. Bear painted a soft blue sky, a bright yellow sun and tan beaches. "I will call this," Bear said, "Summer." Bear slept a few more weeks before he started a new painting. Mat delivered the only colors left: browns, dark oranges and reds. Bear was dying for sleep, so he only wanted to paint dead and unemotional pictures like himself. Bear made red and orange leaves falling and everything turning brown in his picture. Bear sighed, "This one shall be called Fall." Bear slept a couple more weeks, but his nap turned into hibernation for the next season. It was known that Mat had named this season Winter, because there was only white on Bear's landscape at that time.

Once Bear woke up from his heavy sleep, he found himself in the Spring he had painted. This was known to people around the world as the reasons for the seasons.

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