How does it work?


The Nitrotech Spray System takes atmospheric air from your existing air compressor and runs it through a membrane. The membrane keeps the molecule that are wanted and discharges the unwanted molecules that make up Haydell’s Perfect Fluid Carrier.

The proprietary blended combination of gases produces different size molecules, which gives a tighter mill build. From here, we added two additional patented processes;


The gas is sent into an ionization chamber where it’s given a positive or negative charge. This ionization process helps improve transfer efficiency of the paint when it’s applied because the electric charge causes the paint to be drawn onto the object you’re painting and it reduces overspray and rebound.

Total Control of Temperature

Total Temperature Control is mandatory in controlling consistent viscosity of material, giving repeatable results 365 days a year. Temperature is controlled through patented processes directly in the painter’s hoses. The Haydell’s Advanced Coating and Application Technologies® allows delivery temperatures upwards of 190˚F.

Haydell is the leader in Advanced Coating and Application Technoplogies®

Haydell Industries remains the leading provider of nitrogen spray systems in the world. Only Haydell is capable of upgrading and improving established Nitro Therm systems and platforms to state-of-the-art efficiencies and standards.