Norwalk Middle School Library

December 2013 & January 2014

6th grade Bacteria and Viruses

6th grade science students created animotos comparing and contrasting bacteria and viruses. Their animoto included the structure of bacteria and viruses, how in multiplies, how in spreads, as well as how it is helpful or harmful. To share this information students used pictures and text in their presentation. Their final videos were shared with their classmates as a review for their assessment.

6th grade I-search paper

Our 6th graders have recently been working on writing their I-search research paper. While part of this paper is researching a topic, this paper is also unique in that students are including their thinking process that went along with their research. They include things that came easily as well as challenges/struggles. When they had these challenges/struggles they also write about how they overcame them.

On my website I gave students links to AEA resources they could go to for information. I also included two short video links. These were short demonstrations of using Easybib. While I demonstrated these in class, students could refer to these on their own if they got stuck.

database on easybib

8th grade ITA project

Every year our 8th grade English classes do a the ITA (Iowa Teen Award) novels as one of their units. Students choose one of the ITA novels to read. Students read, discuss and journal about major story elements that are part of the story.

As a final project, students create a website for their novel. Students include pages about the characters, theme, setting and plot. Students use some of the google gadgets that are part of the Googlesites. Students also create other visual elements of their pages using Big Huge Labs (a web 2.0 tool).