The RMS Titanic

By: Riley Read

Titanic's Last Secrets

Titanic's Last Secrets is about what no one has ever told about the Titanic. It tells about the forensic behind finding ships that has wrecked. It also has things that go against what people used to think. For example, the boat's back rising up and then splitting. It tells why the Titanic sank so fast and how.

Pictures from Titanic


The movie Titanic is about a rich girl, Rose, who is already set to wed Caledon so her family can gain his wealth. Rose does not have an interest in him, but does it to please her mother. After boarding The RMS Titanic, Rose is upset and wants to commit suicide. Jack Dawson talks her out of it, she then slips and it raises attention to Jack. They soon begin to spend most of their time together. Rose's family does not approve and want Rose to marry her fiance.

Titanic Continued

Rose sneaks around with Jack behind her family's back. The Titanic will soon hit an iceberg, causing the side to rip open. The Titanic begins to fill up with water. Rose was on a boat but jumped back onto the Titanic to be with Jack. The boat begins to go under and Rose and Jack go into the ocean. There wasn't enough boyancy to keep a door floating with Rose and Jack on, so Rose stayed on it. Jack froze to death in the ocean. Rose got rescued and changed her last name to Dawson and never saw her family again.