Gulf Sturgeon

By Clayton Bennett

facts about the fish

  1. it is classified as a sub-species from the Atlantic sturgeon.
  2. the sturgeon spends most of its time in fresh water but when fall comes it migrates to the warm waters of the gulf.
  3. the sturgeon can live to grow as to 12 feet and to be old as 40 years of age.
  4. the fish is actually to be claimed to live from Cretaceous period and has hardly changed in the years of its existence.
  5. the sturgeon is one of many fish that makes its fish bed out of silt and sand.


the sturgeon migrates back and forth to fresh water back to salt water in the fall this makes it a anadramous species

the endangered

what can we do ?

how to help

we first need to leave these guys be there are very few left but the chemical dumping and invading needs to stop these are fascinating to see but you can read online about these guys they are very fascinating and interesting .


for more information you can call the number bellow or visit the website link below

Thank you .