Badminton workout

by:Autumn hellenbrand

Drills and stations

One step jump and hit

shuffle lung and hit

reaction/take off

6 corner single workout

regular lunging and hitting

Dont stop working! keep pushing your self!

You got this!

How to do the activites

The “one step jump”, how you do the one step jump is you take one step and jump and hit the shuttlecock with the badminton. In the middle of the game when there is a clear or a smash shot, you can take one step jump hit!

the “ 6 corner single workout”. It works on your speed and your quick reactions, on trying to get the ball you work the court and try and hit the shuttlecock to the other player.


Your always gonna need equipment. Some equipment you need for exercising is a mat, weights,stairs,latter. You have to do something while using all these equipment, you can use the weights to get your arms working and stronger. When using a mat you need it for doing crunches,push ups.the bicycle. You also can use the ladder for working out your legs, practice using metal thought on footwork you can do.It also can get you working with your speed and being able to play a hole game over running back and forth and you can be stronger though the hole game