Parents Wanted

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Qualities a Child needs

-Intellectual: children should be given tasks suitable for their stage of thinking. For example you read, play music, games, and other fun activities.

-Social/Emotional- They should make friends and learn new things.

-Physical: At least 1 hr of physical activity per day, make sure they get enough sleep.

Parenting Skills

- Make limits appropriate: Be the child's parent not their friend.

-Provide positive attention: Raise your child with care,love and respect.

-Recognize safety issues: Parents should be able to recognize a predator when they see one.

-Make consequences: if the child receives bad punishment then the behavior will not stop.

-Try making your expectations clear: if your child doesn't understand, talking to them will work best.

Benefit Package

-Narrowed the gap between working families.

-Often above average in countries that combine universal cash.

-Being a lone parent is benefited more by the benefit package.