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What do we do?

Saviara is an organization which helps the homeless people. We are a non-profit organization. We take the homeless people in, we give them food, clothes and education, which is mostly through donations. The education part is where we take in volunteers, and they teach the homeless people what they would learn in a school and life's basic skills, such as being able to speak at least one language fluently, responsibility, etc. Before someone in the family gets a job they will live in some rooms in our building as "home", each room houses about 30 people. It gets a little crowded but, that's all we can give at the moment, but with more donations we will have less to pay and we can get more help for the homeless.We teach them until they are old enough and prepared to get a job. We will help them get job interviews and once they get a job, we will give that family a room in a house. 2-4 families will live in one house. All of them together will pay the house taxes, each family's kids will go to school. They will pay everything themselves now with a loans from us if necessary, which they will have to pay back after 2 years. After 1 year from getting the job they will have to get their own house and they will have to pay us 15% of their salary.(only for the first year) This money will be used for the organizations necessities, not a profit. A few of us are full time volunteers here, and we get volunteers who help us with sorting the donations, cooking, and educating. So please help us for the good of the society, whether you donate any old clothes, food or volunteer whenever you have free time. Thank you.

Location and Timing

2 Locations-

37854 Rickey Rd. Mc.Kinney, Tx. 75045

75092 Poshte Rd. New York, Ny. 89221

Our timing is very convenient, you can help according to your schedule because we are open all day every day.