2017 End of Grade Testing Tips!

May 31 & June 1

Dates of the Test

Reading Test: Wednesday May 31

Math Test: Thursday June 1

5th grade ONLY Science Test: Thursday May 25

Tip Information

Below are a few tips to successful test taking. We will be addressing these in the classroom this week. Please make sure to also address these at home with your students as well.

You can find EOG review material on the following smores:

Testing Tip #1

Make sure your child gets a good rest the night before! Students should be going to bed early to ensure that they have enough sleep at night. This prevents students from falling asleep during the EOG.

Testing Tip #2

Make sure that your child eats a good breakfast the morning of the EOG. We will still be serving a hot "snack" (breakfast) at EMIS!

Testing Tip #3

Make sure your child leaves their phones, Fitbits, Apple Watches, or any other electronic devices (that may or may not be worn) at home. We do not want to risk these devices going off and causing a misadministration. If students must bring their phones to school, they will be collected and locked in the tutor room.

Testing Tip #4

All questions must be asked BEFORE the day of the test. Students cannot ask content specific questions on testing days. All questions that they have must be asked before hand.

Testing Tip #5

Please make sure that your child arrives to school on time the morning of each test! This is vital for teachers to take attendance, students to eat, and relax before the test.

Testing Tip #6

Take time to talk to your child about the test. What strategies are they comfortable using, do they have any concerns. A simple conversation will help ease their concerns and lessen the stress of taking a standardized test.

Testing Tip #7

Set goals with your child.

Possible Reading Goals:

  • Use_______ strategy.
  • Read the text at least 2 times.
  • Prove all your answers.
  • Take your time and check your work.

Possible Math Goals:

  • Use ________ strategy
  • Show your work
  • Work the problems more than 1 way
  • Check your work with a different operation

Lunch Schedule

On testing days, our lunch schedule will be adjusted. Therefore, please do not plan on coming to eat lunch with your student.