Third Grade News for the month of January

The Mustang Stampede


This month we will be working with Money! Students will practice counting sets of coins and coins/bills. We will also practice writing monetary amounts using a dollar sign and decimal point ($ X.XX) instead of a cent symbol. Students will also solve problems (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division) involving money.

After we test over money, students will have a systematic review of previous skills to both incorporate them into problem solving situations and as a refresher before moving onto new 3rd grade content.

Fluency- This semester we move further into our memorization of multiplication facts. We start with X 3, then move onto X 6, then X 9. Each factor will cover a week of activities with a test on Fridays. Watch the planner for information about fluency activities and tests.

Coming up: eStar screener-Students will participate in the second eStar screener administration. This is a state-required online math assessment that identifies students' strengths and weaknesses within the 3rd grade curriculum. We will participate after the Jan. 21 holiday.


This grading period we will wrap up our study of Earth's Resources. We will move onto learning land forms, then conclude our Earth Science unit with a study of weather.

Students will be creating models of land forms and identifying how they form.

Additionally students will learn details about various weather phenomena, track weather patterns both here and in other locations, and learn about extreme weather conditions.

English - Lang. Arts - Reading - Spelling

Reading: We are continuing our non-fiction genre study. Within that, we will be completing a biography project entitled "Citizen Heroes." The students will choose a famous figure to read about and utilize their research skills.

LA/ Writing: Within the constructs of the project, the students will be writing an expository essay on their historical figure. We will begin our cursive handbooks this semester (all during class). The spelling program will reconvene this week as well.

Social Studies

Our focus will be on historical community heroes. This reading will be done in conjunction with the reading. A more specific parent letter will go out regarding the details of the aforementioned project.

Upcoming Dates


9 Awards Celebration 2:00 p.m. & January birthday celebrations; Report Cards come home

14 Double Dave's Spirit night 5-8 p.m.

20 MLK Holiday - no school

24 PTO Family Fun Night 6 - 8 p.m.


4 Class picture day

5 Early Release - Staff Development & February birthday celebrations; Sing-A-Long

14 Valentine's Day parties

17 Staff Development - student holiday

21 End of 4th grading period

27 Awards Celebrations 2:00 p.m.; Report Cards come home