The War of 1812

By: Audrey Mycala S.


  1. Impressment continued and the British blocked American ships to Europe making them turn around and go back where they came. This was very annoying.
  2. Native American attacks eastern border of the Louisiana Purchase Territory. They got instigated by the British.
  3. A Native American by the name of Tecumseh came into the picture. He attempted to unite the tribes in Indiana Territory to fight the United States government.This caused William Henry Harrison to stop rebellion at The Battle of Tippecanoe.
  4. The War Hawks Henry Clay , John C. Calhoun both Encouraged war with Britain. They did this for America's honor and also to gain Canada.

Battles Regions

  1. Invasion of Canada which was a very miserable failure.
  2. Naval Battles which involved the " Old Ironsides" which was an American ship that sunk many British ships. This caused American success but British blockade was still a problem because the British did not want to give up.
  3. Chesapeake Campaign was when the British marched through Washington D.C. and burned the White House and the Capitol. This was when a man by the name of Ft. Mc Henry , Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner.
  4. Southern Campaign had Andrew Jackson , Horseshoe Bend and The Battle of New Orleans.


  1. The United States gained respect.
  2. The United States started to respect Canada and British neighbors.
  3. Native Americans lost power and land do to what all happened.
  4. The United States built factories / industries so they could make stuff to improve everything.
  5. War Hero,s arise like Jackson and Harrison.
  6. There were strong feelings of Nationalism.