More electives, more smiles

YOU can provide a brighter future for the students of CHS.

Stronger. Smarter. Brighter.

The students of Coppell High School have varied ideas about what they would like to succeed in. After conducting a survey it was found that approximately 20 pecent of Coppell High School students believe that the current electives do not provide stable foundations for the careers that they would like to pursue.

Without the proper foundation in highschool, students can have a deplited chance of getting into a high standered college or university. These branched out classes would give students more experience in a specific field so that they would be better prepared for their future career.

Branched out

Many subjects like science, history, and math are broken down and studied over the four year span of high school all over the state and even the nation. If other subjects like, medical feilds, engineering fields, and technology fields were to be broken down and taken slowly over a period of time, just like core classes, then the students fo Coppell High would have a better chance of getting a better job, better college acceptances and an easier travel though out their years of studies.

Medical Branches cut off

At Coppell High School, although medical classes have already been provided, there are specific branches of medicine that the students should be able to study at a closer perspective. Pulmonary Studies, Cardiovascular Studies and Pharmaceutical Sudies are three medical subjects that should be added into the elective choices that the CISD provides its high school students. These new classes would provide the students hands on expereince in a prefered feild with more experienced teachers and peers.