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BP oil spill

Bp Oil Spill

The accident that caused the spill. In 2010 a BP oil rig exploded in the gulf of Mexico. The explosion killed 11 workers. It also released 3 million gallons of oil.

The gulf

The Gulf is now covered in oil and life is not coming back like BP said it was. A lot of plants are dying and they are not growing back. Pelicans that dive down to get food are getting oil all over them so when they com back they get oil all over the eggs.


Animals in the coast are dying. 4,000 dolphins were found washed up on the shore. Some species are dying off like the Brown seagull. When dolphins and whales come up for air oil gets into there blow holes making it difficult to breath. when fish and other animals come up for air the oil can also get into their eyes and make it difficult for them to see and potentially blinding them.

Clean up

Bp put down 1.3million miles of boom. They also burned off all the oil they could. people have put in more than 70 thousand personal hours into trying to get the gulf back to its original state.