Photography Today

Tips to make new great photos


This flyer contains everything about photoraphy. Whether it's editing tips, how to take an awesome picture, or cool photographers that take absolutely amazing photos. We have it all!

Now to get started make sure get your camera (phone or actual camera, either will do) and hop on the road!

Tip #1

  1. Get in the car, and make sure you have your camera/phone.
  2. Roll down the window and while your moving take a bunch of of pictures.
  3. WARNING: Make sure that your camera/phone is not out of the window, chances are is that you will drop it (trust me you don't want that to happen.)
  4. Scroll through your photos when you are finished and you'll see a bunch or new, original photos!!!
  5. You can also do this out of plane windows, just DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW!!!

How To Do Effects

Landscaping Photography Tips

Travel & Landscape Photography Tips

Cool Backgrounds

One last tip about photography:

Always take photos of places you love.