when you fail try again

By: Bre


the first time maxcy filer took the California bar exam in 1996, when he was just 36 years old. He did not pass the first bar exam. he tired over and over again, and he still didn't pass. but he never gave up. Maxcy took the bar exam in Los Angeles,San Diego,Riverside,San Francisco, and anywhere else it was given in California. He took the bar test when his children were still living at home, and he took it with both of his son when they had earned their own law school degrees. He took the bar after he started working for his sons as a law clerk in there offices .And he kept taking the bar when he reach the age of an old person.


Maxcy Filer had failed 47 bar exams that he took so it meant on this one he had to be very focused, and get his head in the game. So the 48th time he took the bar exam he had passed, he reached his goal. So that mean's that if you fail something so many times, you get this drive to do better at it and if you keep failing over and over again,then keep trying and trying till you get it.


Maxcy basically failed 47 bar exam,and he basically spent over 50,000 dollars on all of the review courses, that he took in a total of 144 days that he spent in the testing room. And on the 48th day he finally passed the bar exam. Now that's how you never give up, on a dream that you've wanted for so long even if it coast a lot of money for you still never give up. and if you want something that bad fight for it.


maxcy filer had first took the bar exam in 1996 in California when he was 36 years old but he did not pass, but he did not give up,so he kept on trying so he took it again when his kids were still living with him and again he did not pass, but he kept on trying. so i guess in his 40's he had took it again but his kids all had there law degree's and he also was working for his two son's as there law clerk . and he passed after 25 years , and plus the 50,000 dollars in fees for the exams and countless reviews courses, that he took and total of 144 days spent in the testing rooms, he took the bar exam for the 48th time in a row and he passed and he was only 61 years old.