Conrad Connections

Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Child's English Class

This is probably the easiest way to get a hold of me for quick communication. I will try to return your email within 24 hours.

Phone Number

(630) 832-8682
This is Churchville's office number. If you call during school hours, they will send you directly to my voice mail. If you call after school, they will contact me over the intercom to find a phone. I usually leave school around 4:30 or 5:00 in order to beat traffic. Again, I will try to return your phone call within 24 hours.

Remind 101-Text Message Alerts

This is new for me this year and I'm excited to try it out! If you are anything like me, my phone is with me 24/7. This program allows me to send text messages to you and your child (depending on who signs up) regarding homework, tests, class activities, etc. If you would like to sign up please follow the directions below:

If your child is in my 1st and 2nd period block: Text @f1cdd to (630) 364-4730
If your child is in my 3rd and 7th period block: Text @3d6c to (630) 364-4730
If your child is in the split class with Ms. Nechvatal and me: Text @splite to (630) 364-4730

Edmodo & Class Website

Class Website
Each teacher in the district has a class website through School Loop. However; I have found it hard to navigate. If you go to the Churchville home webpage, you can access my class website by clicking on "staff" and finding my name in the list. I update this website when there is a new unit, but I mostly tell students to go their for games and websites I've found helpful.

I use for students to post homework assignments, questions or ways to communicate with each other. I grade the majority of their papers on edmodo as well. Once students sign up for their own account, they each get a parent code. If you are interested in receiving a parent code, please email me and I will send it to you. You will be able to see my posts as well as your child's but no other student's information will be shared; it's very safe and private.