Phyllis Wheatley

By: Emily Aroum

All About Phyllis Wheatley

Phyllis Wheatley was brought from Africa in 1753 at the age of 8 and sold. And she sadly passed away on December 5,784. She was a poet. She was bought for Susanna Wheatley to be a personal servant. But instead, Susanna took her under her wing and taught her to read and also taught her latin and greek. Phyllis wrote her first poem at 13 and she became the 1st African-American and 1st U.S slave to publish a book of poems.

"Quotes" from Phyllis and some traits

More about Phyllis' later years

Phylllis married John Peters (another free slave) and had 3 children. But they sadly passed in infancy. And Phyllis and John's marriage proved to be struggle with them constantly battling poverty. So Phyllis was forced to work as a maid in the boarding house and lived in terrible conditions. And she sadly passed away in her early 30s on December 5,1784.