Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

By:Kodi Nolen

What is the holocaust?

The Holocaust is a war between Poland and Germany. Adolf Hitler (the genral of Germanys army) wanted Germanys troops to kill all Jews in Poland , France , Austria , and Belgium. The Holocaust shows us how much Adolf Hitler wanted people to beleive in what he believed. Also that our country can get very bad about something that someone wants. He thought that Jews , Gypsies , Poles , Russians , and people of color would disagree with what he wanted. This guy is a bad dude.

What happened?

Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews before the war ended. His troops killed them by shooting them in public or kill them in gas chambers in concentration camps. One of the biggest concentration camps was called Chelmno the Jews did not like it there. Troops made the Jews live in ghettos , but they would die because they would freeze to death. Sometimes they would have to cut up furniture for fire wood. The apartments were nasty, they had lice everywhere in the place! After war ended Adolf Hitler went with the National Socialist German workers party known to us as Nasis.
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