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May 13, 2016

SkillsUSA Chapter Builds Home of Opportunities and Dreams (HOOD)

Somerset Community College’s SkillsUSA chapter has served its community throughout the school year. The construction program built a house for the HOOD (Home of Opportunities and Dreams) in Rockcastle County this past fall, and this spring the group built a Habitat for Humanity house in London, Ky. Construction technology instructor Travis McQueen is proud of the work ethic his students exhibited in completing the projects. SkillsUSA member Chris Clem participated in both community service projects, and now he is preparing to compete in the National Leadership and Skills Competition this June in Louisville, Ky.

He Lost Big on the Outside …’

Combine newly digitized SkillsUSA Champions magazine and an incredible lesson plan, and you have the secret to success! The magazine makes for a great interactive experience for students, and the lesson plans have exactly what teachers are looking for: purpose and educational value. Use the lesson plan below as an integral part of your career and technical education program. Quick link:

Content Discussion Questions

1. Why did Danny Coleman go above and beyond to lose the initial weight on his own?

2. How does Coleman view leadership?

3. How is he using his personal experience to help others?

In-Class Activity, 7 minutes

Personal Skills: Responsibility; demonstrates personal and financial well-being

Materials Needed: None

Stress occurs daily for most individuals. Continued stress is hard on the body and heart. Part of personal well-being is managing stress. Guide students in a three-minute relaxation technique. Turn off or dim the lights in the room, then give these instructions:

1. Sit in a chair.

2. Either close your eyes or gaze down at the floor.

3. Relax your shoulders and jaw.

4. Gently place your hands on your belly.

5. Breathe in very slowly so your hands lift slightly.

6. Then breathe out just as slowly.

7. Continue breathing slow and deep for three minutes.

8. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Do not try to control them.

Monitor students. After three minutes, give these instructions:

1. Come slowly out of your deep breathing by opening your eyes or lifting your gaze.

2. Stand up and stretch your arms over your head.

3. Shake your arms and legs.

4. Now you are ready to go back to school, your job, work or whatever task you are completing.

Facilitate a discussion by asking questions including:

· How do you feel?

· When could you use this three-minute relaxation technique?

· How do you demonstrate personal well-being at home? In school? In SkillsUSA? In the workplace?

Extended Learning Activity

Workplace Skills: Leadership; focuses on others above self

Danny Coleman said, “Being a state officer is not about a title or position but about serving others.” Have students look for acts of servant leadership everywhere including at home, in school and at the grocery store. Students should watch for small acts, such as the student who makes sure a person is included in a playground game or a sibling who shares the last cookie. Write down these acts of servant leadership and share with the class.

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