Wildcat Weekly

News for the week of Monday, May 14


5.14 2nd Grade to Carl Sandburg

5.15 Ex Reading Test- Wear you Wild About Reading Shirt

2nd Grade Tier Review 11:00

5.16 EX Math

3rd Grade Tier Review 2:15

5.17 All Science

4th Grade Tier Review 12:30

5.18 EX Reading Day 2

1st Grade Tier Review 10:00

5th Grade Tier Review 11:10

5.21 Kindergarten Tier Review 9:10

1st Grade Retention Meeting 10:00

2nd Grade Retention Meeting 11:00

5.22 Reading EOG- Wear you Wild About Reading Shirts

5.23 Math Day 1

Kindergarten Retention 3:10

5.24 Math Day 2

5.25 Reading Day 2

3-5 EOG Hot Dog Picnic

5.28 Optional Work Day

5.29 Extend 2 Reading Retest

5.30 Extend 2 Math Retest

3-5 Retention Meeting 5th Grade 3:10 4th Grade 3:20 3rd Grade 3:45

5.31 Science Retest

Memorial Program/ Hot Dog Supper 5:00-7:30

6.1 Reading Retest

6.4 Math Retest Day 1

DAna Vs Edneyville Kickball game

6.5 Math Retest Day 2

Student Leadership Team Book Swap

DARE Graduation 1:30

6.6 Pawsitive Behavior Sports Spectacular

6.7 5th Grade Celebration

6.8 End of Year Extravaganza 10:30

Specials Schedule

This is the EOG specials schedule until the end of the year.







*** If you have not checked the new lunch schedule call Ms. Hill for your time.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

I just received word that Alison Thomopson was initiated into the Alpha Lambda Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma society for key women educators. We are proud of your leadership. http://www.alphalambda.org/

There are Eggs Hatching Everywhere!

You may want to stop by one of the 2nd grade classrooms to visit the hatcheries!


Many grade levels have asked about getting a periodical or newspaper for their classroom use next year. (ex- Social Studies Weekly, National Geographic, Weekly Reader..) These need to be ordered sooner rather than later to get them in for the start of the year. Grade level leaders please let me know if your grade level would like one of these publications.

*** Keep in mind the cost of these would come out of the Title 1 budget.