By: Devin/Goung


Aquifer - A body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater.


Aquifers are formed when Water leaches through the soil and is trapped in cracks in the impermeable bedrock.This stopped water fills the area of sand, gravel, clay, and rock where it is stored. A really important thing to remember when wells are being drilled is we have to wait before we use it again so we dont depleat our water.


  • Aquifers most of the time have freshwater with no salt contents.
  • They also are located under the ground.
  • You have to dig in the ground to get into the aquifer.

More info

Aquifers are formed when it rains and the water flows through the ground and ends up in the aquifer.We use the water that we get from these aquifers. We use drills to tap into these aquifers.Some towns even tap into these aquifers to supply them with water.


Without aquifers we would have the fresh water we have to day. We should be thankful that we have theses aquifers.