S.T.A.T. Newsletter

Kristina Redmer - American Heart Month

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Shout out to Dan Jones for leading after school work out sessions to promote healthy living.

Thank you to Donna Gallison, Annie Biser, Cindy McGaunn, Sidney Williams for assessing students recently.

A huge thank you to Margie Bowers for tracking student attendance and recognizing these students in different ways.

A sincere thank you to Andrea Popel being a team player. She is always to help with tech. issues when I am unavailable!

Thanks to Sara Shouman for finding the basic fact website, xtramath.org!

NEW: Symbaloo-STAT Resources

Check it out: A Symbaloo has been created with multiple resources.

Coming soon: A Symbaloo page for students to be able to use, too. using the same link. Here it is: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/statresources via @symbaloo.

Different color tiles represent different types of resources. For example, pink tiles = tech websites and green = special education websites. Resources will continuously be added! Please e-mail me useful links to add, so we can use it together. Any suggestions are welcome!

SLOs - Due February 29th and Teacher Development Plans

Melissa is going to set up SLO meetings with teachers after February 29th. Please e-mail me if you need me to help finalizing your SLO information and data. I am very happy to help!

*GRL SLOs - Please remember to convert GRLs from Reading A to Z to Fountas and Pinnell.

TDP - It's a good time to review your TDP and fill out your TDP log. Info. can be found under Intranet/Offices/Staff Relations and then Teacher Evaluation Forms and Tools.

Learning Walks In March

Since there was a lot of positive feedback from learning walks in Dec., I would like to try to set up learning walks for mid-March before Spring Break. We talked about math learning walks this time for BLS teachers. This round could include observing your grade level partner.

CALS/FALS teachers, please let me know what you would like to focus on for this round of learning walks.

Based on feedback, our goal is to visit Oakleigh. Collaboration between the STAT teachers is in the works for May after PARCC.

Please complete the survey for days and times that work best and any suggestions for Round 2 of Learning Walks. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7JCQS56

Upcoming STAT PDs

Feb 29 - Classflow - online interactive Activ Inspire

March 7 - VoiceThread - a discussion tool

If you would like to plan after school with Title I monies, I can show Office Mix - an interactive version of PP, Kurzweil, Tools to Leverage Technology, Kidblog, Tests and Quizzes, Kahoot, and Audio Tools, Just e-mail me!

IA/AA Customized Training Coming Soon

If your IAs or AAs need extra content training, please e-mail me. I am able and willing to create trainings to help your IAs and AAs to better understand grade level content. It can focus on any subject: ELA, Math, SS, Science, and/or Health.

Jayne and I are working together to create an IA/AA meeting to help increase their computer skills. Your IAs and AAs will be receiving a survey soon.

Reimaging of Teacher/Administrators Devices Coming Soon

In a few days, we will find out when BCPS technicians will be coming to reimage all teacher devices. This is required for all teacher/administrators devices even if I reimaged this year. The reimage will allow for Google and other issues to be updated. Please save your information to the correct folders. Please save in your H drive or Microsoft Online. You can access Microsoft Online within BCPS One within Instructional Tools. Please make sure your OneNote is saved on Microsoft Online.Once the devices are reimaged, printers, new device apps, and Office Mix will be added, too!

Tech Liaison - Tech Requests

Please e-mail me any tech. issues. It is hard to remember who asks me things in the hallways. Tech. requests will be worked on before and after school unless it is an emergency. If it's an emergency, please e-mail or walkie me. Often, I am meeting with teachers or in classrooms with teachers and students. Thank you for your cooperation!

Device Protocols

1. Please notify me when you get a new student and when a student leaves, especially in Grades 1 through 3. I want to make sure devices are checked out and checked in properly on a weekly basis. It also helps me monitor new headphones that need to be ordered since we do not have any headphones left. BCPS is not purchasing for us anymore.

2. Devices should be shut down every day and then restarted the next day. This helps Microsoft work correctly. This also applies to teachers. Teachers should be shutting down at the end of the day and then shutting down at home before coming to school to be able to get the updates needed.

3. Students should only be using their devices. Even if a student's device is having issues, a student should not be using someone else's device. They can use a desktop or the teacher's device in the room.

4. Devices should only be borrowed based on the list on each cart.

These protocols were created by the Office of Digital Learning Office.

90 Day Password Change

Here is a document about changing your password when it states a new password is needed before logging in.