Papa's Cupcakeria

By: Niha Mukkamala

What happens in Papa's Cupcakeria?

Papa's Cupcakeria is the 8th game in the Papa Louie Restaurant. Players are in charge of a bakery, which they have to clean up, sell cupcakes, and make sure everyone customer is happy! While players exceed from each level they also earn new customers, new cupcake batters and holders, and new toppings! At the end the game will give you your grades for: batter, baking, building and waiting! Then at the top of a cupcake the game tells you your customer service! This game will definitely be everyone's "icing on a cupcake"!

Why I like it

-It's Fun

-I'm good at it

-It has to do with cupcakes!!!

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Let's Play "Papa's Cupcakeria" Day 1 (Rank 1): James and Mary
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