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New technology delivers customers right to your business with amazing bidding process

The internet has turned into prime real estate that most business owners don't know how to capitalize on. It is a daunting task to learn its secrets and an expensive journey to perfect those strategies. Most of online marketing is a myth surrounded by "Pay-Per-Click" and "#1 on Google Search" companies promising the world.

But a new technology has taken the Fortune 500 by storm, and has Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook jumping on board.

You see, there is a bidding war going on daily now, to the tune of over 30 Billion bids a day, for the prime real estate on major sites that load up on consumers computers, tablets, and phones. Imagine having your companies billboard in online real estate on the worlds most popular read pages and local pages of interest. Now you can!

And the winners are small business owners who have dabbled in online, spending less than $50,000 a month as they were not invited to the game until just recently. Now, those first to adopt these methods will be able to bid wholesale prices, via automation, on a per thousand views instead of a simple pay per click. The return on investment is tracked via real time reporting and bringing business owners returns in the 200% to 900% range on average, and all at 20 to 30% less than anything else on the market.

30 Billion Ad Spots For Sale A Day To Get Your Business Seen Online

Your Business's Online Billboard

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is the hottest technology to hit the marketplace. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times report that RTB is going to revolutionize online marketing.

  • Google Joins the Ad Exchange
  • Facebook Joins the Ad Exchange
  • Yahoo, Bing, MSN, CNN, others join the Ad Exchange
  • Fortune 500 companies spend millions a month
  • Small businesses, less than $50k monthly ad budget. allowed in 2014

Imagine the thousands of times your company's display ad can be seen each time someone loads a page on any of the sites above, in your city, by a customer that fits your demographics. Pin-point targeting of your customers for pennies on the dollar.

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Technology Follows Your Customers As They Surf The Web

The best part of this technology is the Retargeting it allows business owners. Once you capture the attention of a customer with your display ad, your ad follows them uo to 10 different times on other sites as they browse. As we all know in sales, it takes 5 to 7 attempts to make a sale, and that is why Retargeting produces returns up to 900%!
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Business Can Start Campaigns Today for as Little as $500.00 and Up

Until 2014, RTB and Retargeting was only for those companies spending $50,000 a month or more. Now, any business can get started with $500 a month and grow their campaigns over time. In fact, our average client spends $2500 a month to start with many now over $10,000 a month.

Advertising is your company's largest expense. Let our experts and our technology bring you the customers you want for below retail prices. In fact, we are so confident of our results, that we have NO contract and yet lose no customers.

Remember those business first on Pay Per Click and Google Adwords? Most of them are the largest in your city today things to their returns. Imagine the change in market share with those first on board using RTB and Retargeting in your area to gain new customers at prices up to 70% below what those companies paid on their campaigns.

Call us today!

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Every New Customer Gets Their Own Charity Press Release For Free

As a CCA Ad agency, a percentage of all of our ad campaign dollars is donated to local charities of your choice, or of our choosing if needed. We plan on donating millions of dollars a year with a real vehicle to deliver to these non profits. We believe in bringing technology to market that allows us to deliver back to those in need and ONLY do business with that in mind.

We all win here at AdXchange: You, Us, and Charity!

Come grow your business with us and lets make a difference in your business and in a local non profit as well.

*We will provide you with the press releases to post in your business too.

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