Tuition/Fee Management: Now Online!

Everything You Need To Know

Tuition Payments On Line

Dear Parents,

It is my hope that you and your families are enjoying a rejuvenating summer! We are very busy here at school getting ready for the new school year! Please read carefully through the very important information below.

Tuition Payments are accepted either online using your OptionC portal tuition/fee management online payment option. It is a secure way for parents to transact and manage school payments. Paying tuition online through the system is optional. However your financial records and charges will still be posted to your OptionC dashboard. Tuition charges, quarterly scrip tuition credits, BLOCS grants and scholarships will be posted in the same portal.

You will have access to your financial information in OptionC even if you do not pay online. Tuition payments sent into the School Office in the form of cash or check will be posted to your account. Please allow up to 7 days for your manual payments to be processed and posted .

**Families that prepaid tuition earlier this year will have their OptionC portal updated by the end of the of July.**

Although online tuition payments are optional, lunch payments can only be made online. This payment process streamlines the lunch administration process tremendously for Steam Pub and provides affordable lunches. More information on how to order lunch and lunch payments will be sent out soon. Lunch begins on October 1st.

A newsletter will be sent out in August announcing when lunch orders can be placed. It is imperative that lunch orders are placed within the ordering timeline which is the 27th of the month. We are unable to process late lunch orders.

Please reach out to the School Office if you have any questions in regards to the processing of online payments. May God continue to bless you and your family and we look forward to seeing you soon!

God's Peace,

Mrs. Barbara Riley


Tuition Policy: 2022-2023 School Year

Click to view OLGC's Tuition Policy for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Online Payment Option

Online tuition and financial records are located in the Office Tab, Fee Management section of your OptionC dashboard. In order to access the portal you need to be logged in under the parent log in and not the student log in. Students do not have access to financial information.

Financial transactions are posted to the youngest child's portal. This includes tuition charges, quarterly Scrip tuition credits, and BLOCS grants and scholarships.

Your tuition charge has been posted to your youngest child's account. You will be required to set up a payment account under account settings. Under the Fee management tab go to Go to Account Settings and enter your banking information (echeck) or credit/debit card information. All transactions are secure and encrypted. Your account information goes through a verification process with OptionC's bank and may take a few days to activate.

You will need to agree to the "terms and conditions" prior to set up .

Like most online payment processes there is a 1.5% transaction fee that is charged by the banks. This fee is added to your payment.

Please review the set-up account instructions found here: Matt Money Parent Account Setup Instructions

Cash/Checks with Tuition Envelope

The option to send in monthly tuition in the form of cash or check is still available. Tuition envelope books are available and highly recommended to be used in order to keep your payment secure.

Payment in the form of a check may be mailed into school, or dropped off in the locked blue Document Box located outside the school office entrance or sent into school with your child's take home folder.

Please email School Office , Mrs. Matysik at to request a tuition envelope book.

**All manual payments will be processed within 7 days and posted to your OptionC parent portal under the youngest child tab.**

Lunch Ordering and Payment

Our Hot Lunch program is provided by Steam Pub. Lunch ordering and payment handling is a time consuming process for Steam Pub. In order to keep your lunch costs down all orders must be processed and paid for online. The lunch ordering window now opens on the 5th of every month. ** However the month of September will not be available until after the 121th.

Information will be sent home soon on how to order lunch.

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