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Yoga website Project By: Nitya Aryasomayajula

The website I chose, is related to yoga. It is:

Have you ever wanted to get rid of anxiety issues, or just be able to calm your mind? Yoga is the right thing to do. This website is designed for people who want to learn yoga, ease their mind, and release stress and anxiety.

My favorite feature of smore, is its videos on how to do yoga poses and meditation so people can learn them and practice them so they can ease their mind. It allows you to choose the poses based off of the difficulty levels, length and style. I think this website is extremely helpful for people who want to learn yoga in a systematic manner, which well help people ease and calm their mind. It allows you choose the moves of your abilities, and you can learn based of your yoga levels.

I definitely recommend this app to a friend because it is easy to search on, and helpful. They do advertise their yoga lessons, but the videos are all very helpful, and for free which allows users to freely use this website, and although it doesn't keep track of progress, you can learn the poses and keep track of which poses you learned, and are yet to learn.

This app does not ask for any personal information unless you want to join the yoga class, but other than that, it does not.

People who want to learn yoga, and become good at it may want to use this website, and they can accomplish it by watching the provided videos, and people who want to work out and strengthen a specific muscle could go to this website as it allows people to choose which muscle they want to strengthen.

Middle school students have to deal with work load, which leads to stress, and often anxiety issues. The art of yoga helps students calm their body, and mind which is necessary for dealing with anxiety issues, and would definitely help middle school students. This would also help students without anxiety issues just to relax the body and mind when there is a lot of work to be done.

Rating: 5 Stars

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