Golden Cheeked Warbler

By: Hagan Riethmiller

Where the GCWAs (Golden cheeked Warblers) live

The Golden cheeked Warbler's scientific name is Dendroica chrysoparia Their habitat can range from moist, to dry areas around central and southern Texas. The nesting habitat in the further moist realms can be discovered in tall, closed canopy, compressed, mature stands of Ashe juniper trees along with Texas, shin, live, Lacey, and post oak trees.

The reason Golden cheeked warblers are endangered

The warbler’s population has declined a ton in the last 20 years. In 1974, the population was estimated at 15,000 to 17,000 birds. In 1990, it had dropped to 2,200 to 4,600. The warbler is listed as endangered under the ESA in the United States.The major threat to the warbler is habitat destruction and fragmentation . It is the same for other animals dependent on rain forests , which are being cut down at a rapid pace for agriculture and human settlement.

Pictures of warblers in their habitat

Interesting facts about the Golden cheeked warbler

One last picture of the Golden cheeked warbler