Michael Lupo

Muna Yowell

Who is he?

A former choir boy from Italy discovered his homosexual tendencies as he served in the italian elite army commando unit in the early 1970s. Then moving to London to become a hairdresser to work his way up in owning a stylish boutique. Along the way he racked up about 4000 gay lovers when in March 1986 he was diagnosed positive with AIDS. Lupo then started his violent rampage against the gay community.


Over a period of two months he slaughtered four men that he picked up in gay bars and left their bodies slashed and smeared with feces.

March 15th 1986- 37 yr AIDS victim old Alex Kasson was found murdered in a basement. He was murdered with a sock, his tongue was ripped out, mutilated by a razor and covered in feces.

April 6th 1986- 24 yr old AIDS victim Anthony Connoly found murdered on a railway embankment in Brixton. He was murdered with the same sock from the last murder and was also was covered in feces.

May 18th 1986- Michael was arrested and charged with 2 murders.

May 21st 1986- Michael was charged with 2 more murders. Hospital worker Damien McClusky, who had been strangled in West London, and an unidentified man who he strangled and through him into the Thames river.

April 6th 1986- Lupo met Mark Leyland and they went to the restroom for sex. Mark then changed his mind, so Lupo got iron bar and attacked him, but Mark escaped with his life and reported him to the police. He was last seen alive in April 24th 1986. His body was strangled, raped, and mutilated with a razor in a basement.

May 7th 1986- Lupo picked up another gay partner attempting to strangle him with a black nylon stocking. He also got away giving a full report to the police.

Convicted at his trial in july 1987 lupo pleaded guilty to all his charges and was sentenced to 4 life sentences and 14 years for attempted murder.

In February 1995 Lupo died in Frankland prison in county Durham from AIDS related illness.


A search of Lupos home revealed one room converted into a modern torture chamber and a diary full of all of his sexual encounters.

lupo was into Sadomasochism and Coprophilia.

Sadomasochism- A kind of violence using pain or humiliation inflicted on another person sexually.

Coprophilia- The sexual urge to involve oneself in feces.