Ez Sipper Review - Is It Worth It

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Did you know that all the plastic straws you, I and everyone else have ever used are still around somewhere in our waterways and landfills? That's because they are hard to recycle and take a long time to decompose. Add to the fact that they are disposable only makes them a considerable part of plastic waste circulating the world today. About 8 million tons of plastic, including straws, enter our oceans and cause problems to aquatic life there.

So what do we do? Ban all Straws?

That'll be a tough ask because straws play a major role in the way we consume drinks. It'll take a drastic event to change this culture, and since the damage plastic straws do to our environment is slow, many won't change. But we aren't doomed. Something can and has been done to let everyone sip their drinks in peace with wildlife alive. I.m talking about steel straws called Ez Sipper.

What is Ez Sipper?

It's the best eco-friendly steel straw in the market now. It's reusable and can be easily assembled in seconds.

Now you can enjoy your drink knowing you have personally prevented about 500 dangerous plastic straws from entering the ocean and killing aquatic life this year. Yes, you and that's a fantastic opportunity to make an impact in the world.

Why Do I Need Ez Sipper?

Apart from the fact that the plastic straws you use now are harming our environment, it can harm you. Since plastic isn’t biodegradable, it can take hundreds, if not thousands, to degrade. And when they do, they release cancer-causing chemicals that can mess up the hormonal levels of aquatic and human lives. One of such dangerous chemicals released by degrading is called bisphenol-A (BPA). Now, switching from plastic straws to steel ones isn't as simple as turning a switch. It isn't hard, either. You just need to consider a few things, and you're good to go.

For one, you have to have a good carry case to take your Ez Sipper with you. You don't want just to throw it into your bag and head out the door. When it's time for some sipping or slurping, you might end up taking more than your chocolate milk shake. We have to be hygienic here.

Also, thanks to the ease of assembling and dismantling, the Ez Sipper steel straw can easily and efficiently clean. It doesn't have a unibody, and so you can take it apart and put your brush to work to keep tight corners of your straw clean. When you are done taking sipping your drink of choice, wash it properly and put it in its case. It'll be clean and fresh when next you whip it out for a good time.

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Rating And Benefits

The Ez Sipper are very comfortable straws for your smoothies and chocolate drinks. The steel base can easily punch through paper wraps when drinking wrapped drinks. The top of this straw is fixed to a material with softer edges to ensure a pleasant sipping experience. You don't have to flinch to the idea of steel jamming your gums, teeth, cheek, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Now, this is good for the kids if you're worried about them biting on metal while sipping drinks.

Worried about the uncomfortable temperatures metal straws can get to while dipping them in hot or cold drinks?

  • You don't have to, and neither are we suggesting you wait till your drink hits room temperature. The part with which you use to sip your drink is covered with a non-metal. You can enjoy your drink at any temperature your mouth can handle with Ez Sipper.

  • A good advantage of the Ez Sipper is the ease in washing it. Metal can be quite easy to wash. This effectively kills worry of sipping something other than a clean, healthy drink in your cup.

  • You don't get a metal aftertaste when you take drinks with this steel straw. It safe to use your washing machine to clean, although I personally suggest you use the brush that comes with it lol. Those do a better job.

  • You don't have to worry about rusting or oxidation with this straw; it can be reused over and over again without such problems. You're safe sipping your drinks with it.

  • Ratings are stretched to 4 stars as customers all over the world strive to tell their stories of how amazing the experience with this product actually is.

Ez Sipper Key Features

  • The Ez Sipper steel straw is made of a high food-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel that allows you to enjoy your drinks without worrying about being poisoned by metals.

  • With many tests done to find the perfect length at which you can easily carry your straw with you and still have maximum satisfaction taking your drink of choice, the company finally settled at 10.5 inches / 265mm

  • Washing isn't stressful at all even when you're advised to use the brush instead of your washing machine. The length of the brush itself is one unsung hero-feature that makes cleaning the straw a quick and sweet experience. Take nothing away from the easy coupling and uncoupling feature of the straw itself, but at 9.45 inches / 240mm, the brush does shine in this department too.

  • It isn't just about the length of the straw or brush, how wide the straw is can determine if you feel like you're drilling for oil, drowning from the breaking of a dam, or just having a great time sipping some milkshake. With a small diameter, you get the first scenario, a big diameter would get you the second, but just perfect diameter will have you having a good time.

At 0.24 inch / 6mm, good times are now guaranteed every single time.

  • The manufacturers of the Ez Sipper put some serious thought into making the bag that carries the steel straw. It's intangible but you'll agree the experience is real when packing or unpacking your straw. Everyone says it and although you're special, I doubt you'll be a unicorn this time honey.

  • Whatever your specifications are, you're covered. The package comes with 2 straight straws, 2 bent straws and a brush with a hook to hang it conveniently. You see, the company knows what you like and they sure did come prepared.

What Are Customers Saying About It? Ez Sipper Reviews

Although this product comes with a wide range of valuable features and benefits, it isn't for everyone. People who tend to gravitate to it are those who seek to leave the world a little better than they met it. With hundreds and hundreds of pleasant reviews pouring in 3 themes stood out. Customers were tired of the endless dumping of dangerous plastics into the oceans without a care in the world. They showed they are hyper alert to the responsibility of we humans to protect this planet we call home.

They made note of the ease of washing their straws, pointing the well-intentioned build of the straw brush. They also said how washing their steel straws and carrying about made no significant change to their lifestyles. The drinks with friends and family was still an amazing experience every single time. In fact, the straw was a conversation starter to all things environmentalism. Some even mentioned fellow colleagues, friends, and family joining the movement in their own unique way. The straw made hard and awkward conversations easy and effective.

Where To Buy Ez Sipper

You can get it on their website. There is a promo currently going on, and you can grab yours for $26.

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