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Week of February 15

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

We want to celebrate the fantastic year we have had so far at Nagel Nation! On February 19th, teachers will have the opportunity to take an hour lunch and travel to Silver Laddle, which is providing lunch deals for you! Please know your hour lunch INCLUDES travel there and back as well. Please be certain you are back in your classrooms on time.

While you are away enjoying great food and time with colleagues, your students will be treated to a pep rally in the gym after their lunch.

Please see the Celebration Lunch Google doc for teacher schedules, student schedules, 7th grade shortened encore schedule, and lunch duty.

Celebrate Nagel Google Doc

Be sure to fill out the family feud questions to be used at the student pep rally by Wednesday!

Family Feud

Item #1 - Morning Computer Assignment Support

Starting the week of February 22nd, we will have the awesome opportunity for students to get additional support/work time on completing computer based assignments (NEWSELA, TenMarks, Membean) with Debbie Ludwig in the mornings from 7:00-7:40 am. Each team will have a different day they can send students to Debbie L to work on these assignments. In order to send students, please sign up on the linked Google Doc prior to your team's day. Administrators and counselors will be at team meetings this week to discuss this new support offering. Please note that you will need to tell the students where to go, Debbie will not be able to hunt the students down. This will take place in room 236. The specific days for teams are as follows;

Monday - 7-3, 8-3

Tuesday - 7-4, 8-4

Wednesday 7-1, 8-1

Thursday 7-2, 8-2

Friday 7-5, 8-5

​Sign Students up HERE

Item #2 - OTM Starts!

OTM (Organizational Time Management class) will begin meeting this week.

​These students will meet weekly on Monday and Friday. 8th Graders will meet with Mrs. Verdin in her room, 128, and 7th graders will meet with Mr. Byrnes in his room, 133 from 7:00-7:40am.

The following students were selected to participate:

7th Grade

Caleb Samaan (71-Black)

Seth Williams (72-Shaw)

Riley Marquez (74-Hardman)

Greg Colson (75-Moore)

Devin Hair (73-Ervin)

8th Grade

Zoe Glenn-Walker (81-Clark)

Anna Hoffard (81-Varner)

Paige Stephens (82-Groene)

Zane Brinker (85-Thaxton)

Nick Raymond (84-Edwards)

As part of the class, students will be taught mini lessons to help develop executive functioning skills as well as have time to complete work, check progress and Schoology. Thank you all for all your help in getting this organized. ​

​Item #3 - 7-8th Grade Scheduling

7th Grade core teachers. On March 10th, administrators and counselors will need to meet with all of your students to discuss the scheduling process and pass out 8th grade scheduling sheets. Please plan to have all of your team in your flex room by 11:20 and pass out their scheduling sheets (these will be delivered to your team offices earlier that morning). Administrators and counselors will be there at 11:30 to discuss scheduling.

Item #4 - Digital Safety Evening

This Thursday is our"Staying Safe in a Digitally Connected World" at 7:00 pm in the Cafetorium. Thanks for the promotions to our parents.

Item #5 - Locked Doors

Please remember to lock your team office and classroom doors when not in use. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Item #6 - Activity Pictures-THIS WEEK

Feb. 17th - will be pictures for all NExt Clubs and Feb. 18th will be pictures for all Music classes and WEB. Pics will be on the stage, except WEB will be in the gym.

NExt Clubs Schedule

Music Class Schedule

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline



17 - Activity Pictures - Clubs

18 - Activity Pictures - Music and WEB

18 - Digital Safety Evening with Cincinnati Bell and UC - 7:00 PM

19 - Celebrate Teachers and Paras!

23 - Extended Cat - Math/Science

24 - Staff Meeting @ 2:30

25 - Conferences - Final one

26 - NO School


Tech Bytes

Looking for Interested Teachers for a Respondus Pilot:

Online assessment is extremely convenient but it comes with one major flaw: Students can use their browsers to search information to aid them while completing their test. Depending on the type and purpose of the assessment this might be something that would be encouraged but most of the time this sort of vulnerability would disrupt the validity of the assessment.

Schoology is now offering a LockDown browser option for tests and quizzes. The product is backed by Respondus, which is a company that has been around for some time now. The service is not free and it may come with some glitches, so we would like to pilot the use of this feature with only a small group of teachers.

In the next few days all teachers will notice the option to require a LockDown browser when creating or editing their test or quizzes in Schoology. Please do not use this feature unless you have been accepted into the pilot. The test feature will require support and any unauthorized use may cause problems for our pilot program.

To apply for consideration to become a pilot member please email Kyle Mack by Wednesday of this week (Feb. 17th).

Schoology Non-negotiable Resources:

To this point, many of you have reviewed the Schoology Non-Negotiables presentation. Kyle has received requests to break down each non-negotiable into a checklist format. In response he has created a Schoology Non-Negotiables Assessment Checklist which will help you to self-assess or ask another colleague to assist you in assessing your use of Schoology. Administrators will also use this tool to help you better understand what you need to work on (if anything) as it relates to our Non-Negotiables. If you have several several items to work on, it is suggested that you work on it in steps rather than trying to fix everything all at once. This process will be explain in several upcoming PD opportunities.

Schoology Non-Negotiables PD:

Kyle will be explaining the non-negotiables and describe the use of the two resources referenced above during several optional PD opportunities. The first PD opportunity will be on February 12th during our in-service day. Please look for Kyle’s Schoology Non-negotiables in the list of available sessions and sign up if interested. This session will focus on understanding each non-negotiable requirement. You may also choose to attend one of two available PD Thursday sessions during your personal plan time. The two dates for these PD Thursdays are February 25th and March 3rd. On February 25th, we will focus on Step 1 - Step 2a while on March 3rd, we will focus on Step 2b - Step 3.