Artist : Salvador Dali

By: Michaela Allen

Early life

Salvador Dali was born May 11 , 1904 , Figueres , Spain. As a child he found his talent for painting , it was a real gift.He attended the Marist Friars School. As Dali grew up he decided to go to Madrid in 1921 to the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts .Dali was a rebellious student he even got expelled once . Later in life , Dali soon described his childhood as "violently high - spirited and self -conscious , and he claimed it as an important source for his paintings." This was the start of his career.

Dali's choices

Dali gave a lot of thought about how his artwork influences other people. He was stuck on the fact that his artwork reminds everyone of the " dreamy ,

nonsensical landscape that lies just beyond reality." Dali one day decided to come up with a type of art called surrealism. People from all over believed surrealism was brilliant and nowadays use it in there own artwork. Surrealism completely raised the creativity bar in the art world to a whole knew level, it makes people think about art in a different way. Therefore , one of the things Dali is most famous for now is surrealism , also, thank you Salvador Dali for breeding this exquisite type of art for the human eye of society to capture and define.

What others thought about Dali

"Art is about imagination. When you look at a picture from Salvador Dali, that's about imagination. When you look at Picasso, that's about imagination. Doing stuff from your heart. " LL Cool J

"From 17 to 21, I was obsessed by sport and art. In art, I loved the pre-Raphaelites and Rembrandt first. Then I discovered Salvador Dali, and it was like finding something I already knew." Anthony Browne

Dali has changed society with his wonderful artistic talent and spirit. Dali brought about nonsensical reality during a time when poverty and war dominated our society giving us a visual canvas to take ourselves out of suffering and place in a more playful feeling. So therefore society was given hope through his art.


Dali died on January 23 , 1989 , Figueres , Spain. Even though Dali's death was sad, he left a great legacy behind. Dali was very inspirational , he inspired people everywhere with his unique taste and style of art. Dali will now be remembered for his leadership of building a new level of craftsmanship in such a dream like way , but also his way of shaping society to a point where it changed his life and everyone's life around him. He has showed a feature of our furture of art being like sleeping in like last nights clothes into tomorrows dreams as a piece of surrealism. He has forevermore left his mark on the universe by letting people know it is okay to stand out and not just see art but live in the world of art.

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