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Friday, November 12th

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A Wonderful Veterans Day at RVDL

A huge thank you to the amazing presenters who made our Veterans Day so special! The Iowa Raptor Project brought four majestic birds and taught us all about them. The kids loved seeing the raptors up close! One of the biggest highlights of the program was when the presenters asked the audience what they thought the birds ate, and a young girl, noticing the raptors' large talons and strong beaks, answered "Children?" Thankfully, these raptors prefer small rodents or birds, and were very well behaved around the kids.

Our second program of the evening was a Veterans' Tribute Concert with Wes Wells. Wes filled the hour with songs and stories about the great heroes of this country. Historically accurate, heart-wrenching, exciting, and brimming with pride for the people who have dedicated their lives to serving this country, each song reminded the audience of the sacrifices our Veterans made for our safety, peace, and freedom.

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This Week at RVDL

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